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S. S. Rajamouli
10 October 1973
Film Director, Screen Writer


S. S. Rajamouli is a famous director of India who has directed some of the best Telugu films. He is ranked in the topmost positions among the list of directors who earns a high amount of money. The director is known for his direction in action and fantasy movies. The Baahubali series of movies that S. S. Rajamouli has directed have gone on to become huge hits among Indian fans. These movies have become big Box Office hits and earned a high revenue and profit. S. S. Rajamouli has acted in films and worked as a screenwriter. His height is 5 feet 9 inches. He has black eyes and his hair is of salt and pepper shades that are a mix of white and black. S. S. Rajamouli likes to write as a hobby and plays cricket in his free time. He likes actors like Prabhas, Rajnikanth, and Anushka Shetty. S. S. Rajamouli is married to Rama Rajamouli, who is a costume designer. 

Early Life

S. S. Rajamouli is a Telugu director born in Raichur in the state of Karnataka in India on 10.10.1973. His father’s name is V. Vijayendra Prasad and his mother’s name is Raja Nandini. Both Vijayendra and Raja Nandini were worshippers of Lord Shiva. S. S. Rajamouli has a sister. During his childhood, Rajamouli’s family lived with Vijayendra’s brothers. As a young boy, Rajamouli did his schooling up to 4th class in Kovvur. After that, he moved to the city of Eluru and did schooling till the 11th class there. He took a temporary break from studies for 2 years and did the 12th class studies in Kovvur. 

S. S. Rajamouli did not join college after that and quit his studies. He developed an interest in storytelling from an early age. He used to read old Indian stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. He took interest in reading the Amar Chitra Katha series of children's books and comics. S. S. Rajamouli used to read a lot of storybooks. All this helped S. S. Rajamouli in developing a talent for storytelling that helped shape his career as a director.

Acting Career

S. S. Rajamouli started his career as a director in Telugu cinema with the movie “Student No: 1”. It is a romantic action Telugu movie that was launched in theaters in 2001. The movie was a hit and went on to become a commercial success. After that, S. S. Rajamouli directed many successful movies. He has received a huge number of awards for his contribution to cinema. S. S. Rajamouli won the Telugu South Indian film industry Filmfare Award for Best Director award for directing movies like “Magadheera” (2009), “Eega” (2012), “Bahubali: The Beginning” (2015), and “Bahubali 2: The Conclusion” (2017). S. S. Rajamouli was given the Golden Lotus Award for his series of Bahubali movies in 2016 and 2018. It is a National Award that was given to S. S. Rajamouli for directing Bahubali series movies.


“Student No: 1” is a hit Telugu movie that was the directorial debut of S. S. Rajamouli. This is the first movie he directed. After this, he directed the movies “Simhadri” in 2003, “Sye” in 2004, “Chatrapathi” in 2005, “Vikramarkudu” in 2006, and “Yamadonga” (2007). S. S. Rajamouli formed Visvamithra Creations, which is his own film production company. His movie “Magadheera” (2009) was made in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam languages. S. S. Rajamouli is the director of the movies “Maryada Ramanna” (2010) and “Eega” (2012). The Bahubali series of movies like “Baahubali: The Beginning” (2015) and “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion” (2017) were huge commercial successes and made S. S. Rajamouli famous. We wish good luck to S. S. Rajamouli for his upcoming movies and hope that we get to watch more of his movies in the coming times.