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Action, Drama

RRR is the Epic Delivery of Mythological, bromance as well as superhero action.

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Mar 23, 2022, 6:30:00 PM

RRR Movie Review:

RRR, roaring, rearing, and rousing is the mix of genres: Mythological, action-superhero, action and Bromance and we all are invited here by the director to swallow humungous gulp and sometimes deafeningly loud, but at the same time movie RRR gives much-needed fun and sacrifice your ears for the entire duration.

The RRR movie is a patriotic saga set up in British India from 1920s, which proves multiple things in one shot. For the filmmakers & viewers, there will never even be a larger, more durable and greater fount of stories except the Ramayana & the Mahabharata and by casting not just one but also two of them in a single movie gives the biggest super-star movie of all time. The loudest clippings were absolutely reserved for this blink-and-miss final credits. The plot of the movie RRR sounds like any ordinary ‘Brutal Brits Vs. ingenious Indians’ plot but trustfully it is more than that and the Indian Cinema hasn’t been as grand as compared to this. 

The basic outline of the movie begins with a kid being abducted from a poor Indian family, protected by the Bheem and the movie states clearly there is a herdsman for each & every group and probably the British chooses the wrong ones to mess with. Bheem somehow clashes with the Lord Ram & grows to be the best BFF of him without knowing the fact that he is actually working for the British Government. 

Ram is also a kind of officer who looks for revenge internally and he is a frustrated employee of the company, whereas Bheem wants Mali and the audience want to take a deep breath to clearly understand the process that happened during these 3 hours.

Bheem takes the responsibility of bringing an abducted girl back, however at the same he has to fight against the British army, so what will Bheem be going to do now? How Bheem will face Ram? What are the goals of Ram and Bheem? In order to know the answer, you need to watch the movie.

The movie is grand in all aspects and you can't stop yourself from praising it because of visualization of something unique and different in a stunning manner.

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