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12 December 1950
Actor, Film Producer


Rajinikanth is called the thalaiva of the industry. He is known for his proper roles that he has been doing for the past 44 years in the industry. Be it Tamil, Telugu, or Bollywood he has done his role with full efficiency. His role in Bollywood is proper for his unique concept of acting.

Early Life 

Rajinikanth was named by his parents Shivaji Rao Gaekwad. Rajinikanth was the stage name that he obtained. He is known for his acting in an extraordinary way. Rajinikanth belonged to the multi-tradition where he used to speak Marathi at home and Kannada outside. His name was also on the name of the famous warrior Shivaji.  He did his schooling at Gavipuram Government Kannada Model Primary School he was a good student but a little mischievous. He had a huge interest in sports and took part in many activities during his education. Later he was enrolled in a Vedic school where he learned Vedas and spiritual teaching. Over there he started acting in plays that were based on Vedas.  Rajinikanth performed the villainous role of Duryodhana in the play Kurukshetra.

After completing his education like every normal person he looked for a job. He also tried to get for carpenter and coolie. But he got a job as a conductor in transportation. Rajinikanth’s love for acting did not let him stay away so he used to act in plays, during that course he came across the Madras film institute offering an acting course he wanted to learn it. His family was not in favor of it but destiny had its way and he got enrolled in the course. During that course, he got noticed by K. Balachander. and he advised him to learn Tamil.

Acting Career

After learning Tamil k. Balachander gave him a small role in the film Apoorva Raagangal as a husband of Sridevi, though the role was not big it was a major point for Rajinikanth.  The film went on to win three National Film Awards including the award for the Best Tamil Feature at the following year's ceremony. A review from The Hindu noted that: "Newcomer Rajinikanth is dignified and impressive" this was where the doors of the industry got open for during this film the controversy began and both the celebrity were linked up.  The journey of the film started from Tamil to Telugu to Kannada he was slowly of the south.  His acting graph has seen the best success.

Rajinikanth called Amitabh Bachchan as his inspiration and started during his Hindi remakes in Tamil. Not only in Tamil but in Telugu also started during the remake. He did a total of 11 movies remake of Amitabh Bachan. most successful of these were remakes of Salim-Javed films, such as Billa (1980), Thee (1981), and Mr. Bharath (1986) which made him more popular.

Later the doors of Bollywood opened and he did his first Bollywood film with Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini called Andha Kanoon. The film turned out to earn huge profits and was one of the best films of the time.


Rajinikanth has done around 160 Tamil films till date, he has acted in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Kanada. He has been popular in the film industry and called to be the thalaiva of the industry because thalaiva means a leader and he is considered to be the leader of the Tamil industry. Right from 1975 to today his acting has been winning the hearts of the nation. Not only in India but he is popular winning globally also. Currently, he is seen in films that have a lot of visual effects and graphics. His film Robot has been popular for creating a unique theme.  Rajinikanth played a Malaysian Tamil crime boss in kabali which had the biggest weekend opening for an Indian film. He has also won many awards for his films, like 8 Filmfare, and 7 cinema express awards. This is just the two most popular other than that he has a huge list of awards like his movies.

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