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Nedumudi Venu Promotes his COVID Song on the Awareness of Coronavirus

Nedumudi the renowned Malayalam actor creates awareness about coronavirus

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April 22, 2020
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It was seen that recently the renowned Tollywood actor Nedumudi Venu got his song on Corona Virus viral. This song was so potent that even the Police used it to spread about being careful from the coronavirus. Today this is a pandemic condition as this virus has attacked on the entire India. For this reason, Nedumudi created a song and uploaded its video on social media sites. Today this video has gone much viral and many audiences on the internet are seeing it with the greatest sincerity and devotion. Even the Police department of Kerala is using this song to create consciousness for the coronavirus. The sites like Facebook are highlighting this song to as many online masses. 

Police promotes COVID-19 on Facebook

When Nedumudi Venu created this song about the awareness of coronavirus then the police of Kerala uploaded it on social media sites like Facebook. After this video was uploaded it received more than 500 comments. Again the Government of Kerala is taking very nice measures to remove the menace of corona so that the masses of Kerala may live a healthy and danger free life. It has been seen that after April 14 2020 more than 300 corona positive cases were seen in the state Kerala. 

Thus, Tollywood singers like S. P. Balasubrahmanyam have shared many songs to spread awareness about the virus named Corona. Even Tollywood actors like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan have launched programs and campaigns to make people of the Tollywood and South aware of the ill effects of the Corona Virus. It was also seen that after seeing the Corona awareness many Malayalam actors started participating in the task of promoting Corona awareness. 

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