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Lucifer (Tamil)

Action, Crime, Drama

The story narrating game of power.

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Mar 27, 2019, 6:30:00 PM

Lucifer (Tamil) Movie Review:

The plot starts with the death of chief minister PK Ramdas and after that, the part is looking for the next deserving one. Ramdas’ son-in-law Bobby the role of which is played by Vivek Oberoi comes with an offer for funds, but the person who is in between is Stephen Nedumpally, the role of which is played by Mohanlal. The movie is a realistic, drama and political thriller packed. 

The movie is Prithviraj’s Directional debut and he has done well by introducing every character very well and organized. Mohanlal is in a lead role and his part whether it is in the action or dialogue delivery, it is outstanding. Vivek Oberoi is playing a negative character and he has done justice with that. Very rarely seen in Bollywood, but making his presence in the field with some regional cinema. The pairing up of Mohanlal and Prithviraj has been beautifully showcased.

The cast selection is good, every character has been placed well and they have done well. The movie has everything which any south Indian movie should have.  The positive aspects of Lucifer are its Cinematography and the action scenes that executed very well. In the direction part, Prithviraj has done well but the song and dance number seem to be unnecessary insertions.

The bad thing is that Lucifer seems to be like Turkish cinema that is so long. Watching the movie seems like the content was not enough for a standard hour’s movie.  Every scene of blast and action scene is repetitive. Overall it can be stated that it can be a multiple watch movie for all Mohanlal fans. It would have been better in terms of story and other aspects. It has just maintained the level of any south movie in a general way.

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