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World Famous Lover


The director of the movie Kranti Madhav.

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Feb 13, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

World Famous Lover Movie Review:

Another new flick by Vijay Devrakonda as his dashing performance in past that was expected in this as well. It's a 2020 start release and expectations too high but disappointing after the watch. It's the story of a couple in a live-in relationship where Vijay plays the role of Gautham in which he plays a writer and has a girlfriend named Gauthami due to low attention to her she feels low in self-esteem in relationship so does break up with him. Later, with relation to that depression what Gautham does and starts writing again here the story goes behind them.


As we know the plot so coming back when Gautham starts writing he narrates a story about an employee working in coal mines where he is married to his wife who is not great literate she can just manage house chaos but has a desire to study. 

Here Srinu doesn't respect his wife and gets attracted to the Ms Smitha who is head of the department and slowly his wife gets to know everything who is not highly educated and gives her life in chaos of household works. When she gets to know she gets completely broken and does not like that her husband is cheating on her.


As to give a review of this movie from high expectations by Vijay Devarakonda we had a disappointment from this movie which is a normal love story where Vijay's girlfriend sacrifices her career for her boyfriend Gautham (Vijay Devrakonda) and then Gautham a struggling writer trying hard to make in writing but could not do much and his girlfriend feels low self-esteem and one day breaks up with him. 

As usual, like Indian cinema after she leaves him. He realises his mistake and goes in pain and then with broken heart writes a novel of a common man Srinu who has a good life and wife but is not satisfied with the illiterate wife and gets attracted by Ms Smitha head of department and starts spending time with her. 

Later his wife comes to know that she is being the dumb one here and again starts her incomplete exams and prepares herself to get the self-respect which she lost in her husband’s eyes. She tries her best to win him back and with the heartbroken she does well in exams and later her husband also knows that she is well he was deserving than him and sees the pain and love in her eyes for him and again his life gets on track. 

In this movie Vijay Devarakonda while he was narrating the novel story plays the role of Srinu a coal mine worker gives a good dialect delivery in Telangana slang. Somewhere it had good scenes but otherwise it was a bizarre love story which if you get bored can watch on amazon prime. 

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