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Action, Drama

Story of man’s reincarnation.

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Oct 3, 2019, 6:30:00 PM

Asuran Movie Review:

Dhanush and Vetrimaaran’s Asur is a drama about warring families. It is a must-watch and one of the best film of the year.

The story is about a local farmer Shiva, who leads a family of wife and 4 children and the landlord asking his irrigation land for a factory. Dhanush in the movie is a guy good for nothing who always asks his sons to obey the landlord.

The time takes a turn when Shiva’s eldest son has an encounter with the rich zamindar which ultimately results in blooded fights which leads Shiva to use a weapon and then the film goes into a flashback story which shows that Shiva is not just a farmer but he was an Asur. Fight before flashback and slow-motion fights are good enough for the fans. 

Vetrimaran has not confined the climax like a happy ending story. Dialogues are spot on and suits to the situation very well. The songs convey emotions but are not so impactful to be remembered.

So, who will win in last the rich people who harass the poor people or the people who live their life with peace? All these questions will be answered in Asuran. The movie is very realistic and raw. All the scenes are nicely depicted of the time where there is always a difference between a rich and poor. The fighting scenes and the love scenes are perfectly shown in the movie. 

The touch of jungle gives an apt look to Asuran. The performance of Dhanush is also up to the mark as he has played two different characters perfectly. The makers of the film had done a wonderful job by bringing out the Asur concept and created the best revenge story of a family against caste oppression and politics.

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