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Dear Comrade

Action, Drama, Romance

A love story of two different people.

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Jul 25, 2019, 6:30:00 PM

Dear Comrade Movie Review:

The movie dear comrade is smooth with a recent story Telugu drama movie directed by Bharat Kamma. The plot of movie is about a bad-tempered guy who falls in love with a girl who is a state-level cricketer. The screenplay is slow and the complete story revolves around the love instances of the two. The film has same old theme and narration, just the same has put in a new wrap. The only thing is that there are some social messages given in the movie.

At some point, there are so many fighting scenes that irritate and also there are some unstable camera movements that can be easily noticed. The first session mostly shows the fighting scenes and anger of the characters. In many places, the movie has been felt like it is being dragged unnecessary and it has made the movie long.

The cinematography is charming. The wedding and rainy parts have been shot very beautifully. The music has been excellent and the track "Kadalanthe Kaada Kannu" can make anyone to remember it even after the end of the movie.

Vijay Deverakonda has pretended his role from his earlier movie. The dialogues delivered are not up to the mark and also does not effective. The same can be due to its dubbing quality. The performance of Rashmika Mandanna's is also well and it would have been much better. In cheerful segments, he proved to be good but in places where there were strong emotions, she was seen weak.

The story has highlighted many topics like breakups, communism, sexual harassment, anger, women's cricket and mental health. There are many movies on such a common topic and thus, it fails to entertain the audience. Narration is slow and the emotional drama is not engaging. Overall it can be said that it is an average attempt.

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