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Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Search of a dead father by his sons.

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Mar 5, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Onward Movie Review:

The animated movie Onward is a movie full of adventure, animation, fantasy and comedy. The movie is being nominated for the golden globe. The director and writer of the movie Dan Scanlon, Keith Bunin and Jason Headley have beautifully written and directed the movie. The movie has many casts and has four producers. The music is given by Jeff Dana and Mychael Danna. The movie is all about in search of whether any magic left in this mythic world. After so many technological advances, magic has become obsolete.

The story starts with two brothers who are teenagers, Ian and Barley, they go on a journey to find if there is any magic left in this world so that they can spend a day with their father whom they have lost when they were too young. Ian went for this search along with his brother when he received a wooden magical staff which had a Phoenix gem and a letter from their dead father as a present for his birthday which described that they can resurrect their father for one day. 

The boys get excited that they can now finally bring back their father and can spend one whole day with him and starts searching for another gem that can complete the quest. Meanwhile, their mother gets to know that the boys are missing she teams with Manticore, who is a legendary magical expert to find his sons. But how would it be possible to complete the quest in a world which has forgotten to use magic?

The movie overall is pretty fast and does not create boredom as the characters are always in search of something which creates a mess and they try to get out of that mess. It is a great film by Pixar.

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