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Story of GOD hanuman; mystic strength who plays an important role in Hindu epic Ramayana.

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Oct 20, 2005, 6:30:00 PM

Hanuman Movie Review:

Presenting Hindu mythology on animated version has been started and among these Ramayan is one of the famous epic stories. The most important roles are not only Ram, Sita or Ravan, but Hanuman is one of the vital characters. 

The animated movie Hanuman represents the movie that has been in true sense prepared with complete efforts and in a great style. Not to be compared with the Disney’s but still the makers of the movies have done a great work. Somewhere there has been a comparison of animated hanuman with those of Lion king and other animated movies.

The story is not unknown to anyone as everyone in India have been listening to the stories of Monkey God Hanuman from childhood. Hanuman is called Pawan Putra (Son of God Varun and Anjani). Right from his childhood pictures to the growing old and his remarkable presence in Lord Ram’s life has been narrated beautifully. 

Many parts of Hindu epic Ramayana have been shown. So, for those who have not seen the story of Ramayana can also enjoy a bit of it. The director of the movie V.G. Samant has worked well and created a good impact on everyone.

Talking about its visuals and animation effects, they have done with great effort and the work is really appreciable. The visuals have mesmerized people at every part. The movie has become a wonderful work that refreshes memory about the mythology of India. The voice behind the lead role of Hanuman is of Mukesh Khanna's and it has a great impact. Not only for kids the movie is also for adults and has a good music and theme.

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