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Sonic the Hedgehog

Action, Adventure, Comedy

The story of extraterrestrial character to survive on earth.

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Feb 8, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Review:

Sonic the hedgehog is an action comedy film which is based on a video game. The film is made under the direction of Jeff Fowler and scripted by Pat Casey and Josh Miller. The stars in the movie are Ben Schwartz and Jim Carrey along with James Marsden and TikaSumpter.

The movie is about a Sonic who lives with an owl, named Longclaw in a planet and when they get attacked by some aliens to capture the powers of sonic, the owl sends him on earth by giving him a bag full of rings so that he can protect himself with the help of those rings if he gets into any problem. After many years on Earth, Sonic gets into a situation where he is trapped in a problem. 

He was living all alone since a very long time and gets frustrated. Due to his superpowers, he gets into a problem as the scientist Jim Carrey wants to capture him due to his powers, Sonic takes the help of a local sheriff Tom Wachowski to protect himself.

The story of the movie is not exceptional as the story is more or less similar to the other alien movies. No doubt Jim Carrey has performed very well in the movie and has made people laugh while watching the movie. The character of Sonic is also good and one could feel his loneliness while watching the movie.  The story of local sheriff Tom is also appealing as he leaves his home town to join the police department in San Francisco as he wanted to prove himself but due to Sonic, he comes to know about his responsibilities towards his town and family.

Overall the movie is worth watching due to its wonderful characters and its visual effects. The movie succeeds to hold the viewers till the end.

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