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The Death of Superman

Animation, Action, Family

A good example of how the DC universe has adopted the iconic comic stories for their advantage.

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Jul 19, 2018, 6:30:00 PM

The Death of Superman Movie Review:

The 11th instalment of the most anticipated animated character superman, “The death of superman” is the animated movie based on the Man of steel and follows the storyline of death of superhero. For the DC animated film universe, it is also the 11th edition of featured length movie.

The final confrontation of the Man of steel puts Superman against the demon that he can’t be reasoned. Superman is the only hope here, after Doomsday is finally unleashed from the ancient prison.

It is only the 20 minutes the demon character Doomsday has introduced him. After that, he perfectly managed to play the game of death & destruction all-around before the Justice league team can even think about slowing him down.

The Movie “the death of Superman” takes place around the shared world of animation & allows you to be in a classic comic book type of storyline animation.

The death of superman movie’s villain has everything and can hit twice as hard as the other person. The movie has a glory and a violent ending and it has gone brutal with the people being crushed and ripped from limb to limb but not until the final confrontation happens between the hero and a villain.

The fight may look faithful because of the comic book character’s origin but at the same time, it looks absent, a few times due to lower level of communication between the two of them. On the other hand, the communication between the citizens of metropolis & superman is excellent and becomes the emotional focus point during the destructive conflict between Doomsday & superman.

The ending of “the death of superman” is quite emotional & it’s like literal punch than ever before. The movie also shows what value the superman & his symbol have into the life of common people. With a bold direction, the movie is an entertainment addition to the series. 

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