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College Romance

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Story of love and friendship.

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Aug 6, 2018, 6:30:00 PM

College Romance Movie Review:

College life is a phase of life which mostly everybody enjoys. The series college romance depicts some of the good as well as bad times that everyone faces during that period. The series has portrayed the life of college students. Love, friendship, comedy and drama can be seen in the series.

One show of The Timeliners takes you to your memories of college life. Yes, the show is none other than the web series College Romance which was aired in 7th August, 2018. The show completely relates to the struggles of friendship and relationship faced by college students or you can say, college teens.

College Romance is a story of three college friends: Naira, Karan and Trippy. The story is about falling in love with the person who are opposite to each other. Karan's girlfriend is hottest in the entire college; Trippy shows interest in a first year student.

Naira is a sensible girl in the group and tries to make the boys understand in the problems they may get into. The show is full of love, laughter and drama. In the midst of all noisy fights and excitement, the series also focus in the bond of their friendship. Various college life experiences are also revealed in the series such as love at first sight, pool parties, road trips etc.

College Romance is a fun packed and dramatic series which shows everything the teens enjoy in the college life. The casting and direction is done well. It was loved by all and on that note Season 1 won almost everyone's heart and now all are excited for the Season 2 which is to come soon as there is no official declaration of the dates and there is hope to get it released in the year 2021.

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