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Breathe: Into the Shadows

Drama, Thriller

A crime and thriller Story of man to get his daughter back.

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Jul 9, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Breathe: Into the Shadows Movie Review:

Breath into the Shadows is one of the juvenile crime thriller series from the house of OTT PLATFORM Amazon prime. The series is directed by Mayank Sharma, while the Writers are Mayank Sharma, Arshad Sayed, Bhavani Iyer, Vikram Tuli. It will not be wrong to mention that the whole series revolves around the junior B. From the movies, it is for the first time he has been seen over the OTT series.

The story revolves around Avinash who is a high-profile psychiatrist, which is played by Abhishek Bachchan and Abha who is wife of Avinash and a chef of well known restaurant. This part is played by Nithya Menen. They have a six-year-old daughter who got is kidnapped by a masked man. The couple thought that she is no more as they did not receive any information about her, but the twist was when this kidnapper demands from Avinash to murder certain people. The murders were inspired as per the ten negative emotions that represent ten heads of Raavan. 

But later on it was depicted that all of them were not innocent and they have some sort of connection with the past and they have made a mistake in the past. This made a motive. In last few episodes beginning from the fifth one it revealed the identity of the kidnapper. Thereafter the flashback story to justify the twist seems to be not so entertaining. The faceoff between Inspector Kabir played by Amit Sadh and the masked man took along with no major effects.  

The series is a different one from those of R. Madhvan one. There is plenty of emotion seen in this series as a parent doing everything for sake of their child life. It has put the viewer in a dilemma.

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