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Bal Ganesh 2


Gannu is back in action with complete entertainment in Bal Ganesh 2.

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Oct 22, 2009, 6:30:00 PM

Bal Ganesh 2 Movie Review:

Many times we have seen that Bollywood rarely produces any mythological movies but the pictures like Hanuman & Bal Ganesh are enough to encourage moviemakers of the Bollywood to produce stories from the Genre of mythology with a tough of full animation in it.

Well, Gannu Ji is back in the action with Bal Ganesh 2 and takes the public into the time when he was a young boy with a lot of mischievous activities.  Bal Ganesh-2 is the 2nd instalment of the previous one Bal Ganesh and it is also one step forward to the previous one in terms of animation & content.

The movie has three stories behind it, the first one is the prime show between a cat & Lord Ganesha himself in which he plays beautiful pranks on the cat and the Goddess Parvati delivers the valuable advice to the Lord Ganesh.

The 2nd part of the movie depicts the story between Sage Vyasa and Lord Ganesh. The Lord Ganesh wrote & translates the entire book. The 3rd and the last part of the movie show the ultimate fighting between power demon Gajmukhasur & the lord himself. The Lord has returned to this world to save it from the demons

With this episodic format of the movie, the play station generation could definitely find it heavy-handed and yet Gannu is back but it is not really geared up to take the breath of audience away. For the new generation kiddies, the movie at few times not able to establish an entertaining connection. The Bhangra beats are powerful and it is quite interesting, the background music of the movie is really enjoyable.

One can say that the movie Bal Ganesh-2 is not merely a new or interesting kind of cinematic experience, but it is definitely an entertaining one with much enlightenment in it.

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