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Know some interesting facts about Jennifer Lawrence’s Husband, Cooke Maroney

Meet Jennifer Lawrence’s Husband, Cooke Maroney, an art dealer.

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August 23, 2022
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When we talk about Jennifer Lawrence’s, she is one of the famous actresses of Hollywood. But do you know something about her husband Cooke Maroney? He is not a high-profile celebrity or a director, but still there are some interesting facts about him that make him very different from the other celebrity’s husband. Both got married in October 2019 and was a star-studded wedding. Recently the couple welcomed their baby in February 2022 and taking care of the baby. They have also seen house hunting in Beverly Hills. Let’s see some of the amazing things related to Cooke Maroney. 

He is a respected art gallerist

Currently, Cooke Maroney is in the director position of popular art gallery Gladstone 64, located in New York City’s ritzy Upper East Side. It is specialized in modern and contemporary art. Earlier he was also associated with NYC’s Gagosian gallery. He is just a simple man but a great person having a good understanding of art. 

Few followers but the biggies 

If you look at Cooke Maroney’s Insta account, you will definitely not find huge fans or followers but he has some big names in his client list such as Lena Dunham’s father (Carroll Dunham), Anish Kapoor, and Richard Prince.

Student of New York University

Cooke Maroney’s Facebook depicts that he was also part of New York University. He belonged to the 2007 batch and studied art history and economics.

Met with Jennifer Lawrence through Laura Simpson

Cooke Maroney met Jennifer through Laura Simpson who is BFF of Jennifer. She introduced both of them and they started dating each other. After getting married, the actress shared that she is enjoying spending time with him and going to buy groceries for home. They love to explore cooking magazines and having 15-minute healthy meals. 

Has a humble beginning

The actress's husband belongs to an ordinary family. He was always away from the limelight. He belongs from rural Middlebury, Vermont. His parents James Maroney and Suki Fredericks are owners of the Oliver Hill Farm. Earlier his family had a big dairy farm but later they rented out the same. 

Political views

In the year 2008 election Maroney was registered as a Democrat in New York.

The earlier life of Maroney was simple and he lived in a rented home. He worked for eight years at the famed Gagosian Gallery. Gradually his life has changed and he is living a happy life with Lawrence. 

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