Know some interesting things about Sandra Bullock’s Boyfriend

Do you know Sandra Bullock’s Boyfriend, Bryan Randall ?

Things you might not know about Sandra Bullock’s Boyfriend Bryan Randall.

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September 2, 2022
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It is seen that most of the Hollywood couples are always in the limelight but the same is not with Sandra Bullock and her boyfriend Bryan Randall. The couple did not like to be spotted very often. Both are dating each other from a very long time, the year 2015. They like to spend time away from the spotlight and never speak much in the media about each other. However, Sandra once said that he is the love of her life and even called him a saint. If you are curious to know more about her boyfriend, let’s explore about Bryan Randall. 

An Established photographer from Portland

Bryan Randall is a popular photographer and for some time he has even worked in L.A. He owns a photography company also named Bryan Randall Photography. His core photography areas are outdoors and children's portraits. He is currently living in California but he belongs to Portland. 

A family man

The couple is most of time seen with family. This depicts that Bryan Randall is truly a family man.  Sandra has two adopted children, a boy in the year 2010 and a girl in 2012. However, Bryan also has a daughter from his earlier relationship. His family is proud of him for being a successful photographer and model. 

Was previously a fashion model

Although Bryan Randall is today a successful photographer prior to that he was also associated with the fashion industry. He has worked as a high-end fashion model and is included in the Vogue Paris pages. He was also portrayed in many brands like Hugo Boss and Saint Laurent. He was also seen with Cindy Crawford for a 2011 spread in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. 

Other love relationships in Hollywood

Previous to Sandra Bullock, Bryan was in a relationship with Paris St. John and boxer Mia St. John. Mia once said that he is young at heart and a funny person who care less about money. He also studied acting at L. A. drama school. 

Sandra’s kid's love for Bryan

As it is said earlier, Bryan is a family man and that is why Sandra’s kids love and adore him. Most of the time the family is spotted outside and Bryan is seen caring the children. Children love spending time with him and doing exciting things like exploring nature, hiking and visiting restaurants. Sandra also says that she is lucky that she found him. Sandra says that time flies with the family and she enjoys spending her time with them.

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