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June 25, 2022
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After a long period of almost 13 years, the breathtaking trailer of “Avatar: the way of water” is officially released. Now thinking why part -2 is released after such a long time? Well, the answer is just here. As per the director, the technologies that were required in the movie were not available that could amaze its viewers. 

The movie takes one into the wonderful realm of Pandora, which is an extrasolar planet. The long-awaited trailer has left tits viewers amazed. The movie is all about an alien family which makes it more entertaining for its viewers. The movie is about the Sully family and all the troubles that the family faces. It also shows all the steps the family takes to keep themselves safe from the tragedies they endure. The movie also shows the battle fought by the family to keep them safe.

The movie is shot entirely into the water and shows how life exists inside water. One can watch Nami talking to fish such as whales, which is truly amazing. The beautiful water animals are also part of the water which can be seen in the movie. It is unbelievable to watch such beauty beneath the water. The amazing story of the family will hit the cinemas on 16th December 2022. 

There is a lot of excitement among the viewers after watching the trailer to watch the movie. James Cameron has done wonderful work by showing an unreal world with so many real things. The movie will be bang on the theatres with the best sound systems and resolution. The hi-tech technology used in the movie to make it more entertaining for its viewers is a bang on. The movie is full of animations, VFX, and other technologies to keep the viewers enjoying it.

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