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On the special day of ARMY, Kim Tae-hyung treats fans with a shirtless picture

Kim Tae-hyung shirtless picture on ARMY’s Birthday make fans go WOW.

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August 3, 2022
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Kim Tae-Hyung is the most popular singer and songwriter in South Korea. He is part of a famous boy’s band gang called BTS ARMY. This band has given so many hit songs and gathered so much love from the fans. Recently the members of the band celebrated nine years of togetherness of this band. All the members wished ARMY for such a wonderful journey till now. Kim Tae-Hyung also took his social media to wish ARMY members. He wrote ‘ARMY Happy birthday’ with some cute emoticons. He treated them with a super hot picture along with a wish. He was seen shirtless wearing a gold chain and ARMY fans were crazy about him.

Kim Tae-Hyung is known as BTS V in the band and his messages over his social media handle always show his love for the ARMY and its members. He is very caring for the group like any other member of the band. His message to perform well at various places depicts how much he adores and is concerned about the ARMY. It is normally seen that he drops caring messages for the group. 

But on the ARMY day, he surprised everyone by dropping his shirtless picture. The selfie picture is definitely a morning picture as his hair looks messy and a no-reaction picture. This picture shall be a great start for the group and the fans. After this picture, social media was flooded with so many greetings and wishes to the group and to BTS ARMY. Fans thanked ARMY and Kim Tae-Hyung for entertaining them through their performances. ARMY fans always wait eagerly for Kim Tae-Hyung’s and the group's new songs and performances. They are always excited to listen to their new launch. BTS member’s message on Google was also seen. It was really a special day for the group. 

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