About Tom Cruise wives, Who is Tom Cruise wife?

Who is Tom Cruise wife? Know more about Tom Cruise wives

Three marriage of Tom Cruise for which he was always in spotlight.

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October 2, 2022
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Tom Cruise is an American actor and producer. He is known for his outstanding performances in films. But apart from the films, he was very famous for his love and married life. He had many affairs and therefore he has a list of girlfriends and wives. Let’s see the complete list of wives he has had in past years. 

Tom Cruise and His ex-wife Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes had a serious relationship with Tom Cruise. She is an actress and producer also. Both started dating each other in the year 2005. Before that Katie stated that she had a huge crush on Tom. Soon after they dated, the couple engaged on June 16, 2005, and got married in 2006. They both had daughter. But after some time things did not worked well and got separated in 2021.

Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman

Before Katie Holmes, Tom was married to Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman is an American-Australian actress. After one year after their meeting, they got married. After their marriage, they adopted two children. The relationship between both of them was lovely. During the marriage period, Tom’s wife Nicole stated that he was a romantic and caring husband. In 2021, Tom filed a divorce case and also asked for custody of the children they adopted. Nicole was very disturbed and then she stated that she never wanted to get married again as it took a long time to heal from such a tough situation.

Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Mimi Rogers

Mimi Rogers was Tom's first wife. She is an actress and at the time of their marriage, Mimi was 31 while Tom was 24. They first met at a dinner party in the year 1986. However, their marriage did not worked and they were together for a very small time and got divorced in 1990. 

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