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Odu Raja Odu

Comedy, Crime, Drama

Will Odu Raja Odu Recreate Its Own Meaning?

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Aug 16, 2018, 6:30:00 PM

Odu Raja Odu Movie Review:

The film stars Guru Somasundaram alongside Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, and also veteran actress “Simran” who marked the acting role with her husband who have debuted with this movie. There are many other good casts in the movie like:

Casts:(other leads)

●  Anand Sami

●  Nassar, Charu Hassan,

●  Power Star Srinivasan,

●  Venkatesh Harinathan,

●  Sona Heiden

The film is produced by Vijay Moolan talkies. The music is scored by debutant Tosh Nanda. 


The film is having a hyped storyline like a basic house chaos where a wife to watch her tv programmes demands her husband to get a setup box and husband with his friend who is drug peddler gets into lots of troubles where the whole movie revolves


Oda Raju Odu is a movie which has fresh talents and an unexpected script which has a different story with the climax. It's a story of a middle-class family where a wife gives money to her husband to get a setup box and his husband who is a broken writer with his friend invites a new kind of trouble behind her back. 

This movie is like connecting the dots where you miss a scene and it's hard to know what’s happening so with popcorn one can enjoy the movie throughout and it all gets clear in the climax. Guru Somasundaram and Lakshmi Priya are the two whites in this grey film where everything seems like a jigsaw puzzle. This movie has its own pro’s. I guess this weekend again I will be watching this movie with my friends. Guys do watch it and enjoy...

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