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Kolamavu Kokila

Comedy, Crime, Drama

The twist of comedy with crime.

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Aug 16, 2018, 6:30:00 PM

Kolamavu Kokila Movie Review:

The film, Kolamavu Kokila was released in 2018, the popular Tamil film is a Comedy crime genre film. The film also won Ananda Vikatan Cinema Awards and some popular awards in the Tamil industry. Lets know more about the cast and reviews, to see if this film is in you must watch the film. 

Cast: (some lead cast)

● Nayanthara 

● Yogi Babu

● Saranya Ponvannan

● R. S. Shivaji 

● Hareesh Peradi


The story revolves around a young girl - Nayanthara who gets involved with the drug group of Tamilnadu to save her mother who was suffering from Cancer. The story shows how the journey of her gets her involved in multiple layers of crime and to add the flow a nice crisp comedy is added. 


The movie is a story about a middle-class family where a daughter plays different roles as per the need of family. Her mother who is everything for her daughter and runs all household issues. When she is in danger her daughter stands for her and goes through all ups and downs for her treatment of lung cancer. It shows a message of a strong empowering woman who stands for her family when her mom’s health is left on fate. 

The second half of the movie is a dark comedy with other supporting roles giving a good gig to the scenes played. Her sister and father also have given good support to the role of Nayanthara. It has good comedy and is enjoyable to watch where to see that Kokila goes away with everything, even the men who become a threat to them. We see a different kind of conversion of bad breaking of her. 

The filmmaking is a good notch and it gives us a taste of all kinds of emotions from teary eyes to enjoyable watch. The narration doesn't get worse and is all good at last. It's a good watch for the weekend where all emotions are displayed well.

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