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Saving Private Ryan

Drama, War

An epic and action piece story during the time of World War II.

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Jul 23, 1998, 6:30:00 PM

Saving Private Ryan Movie Review:

War movies are always full of action and so is the Saving Private Ryan. This movie is one of the mater one and it has shown that war is not always thrilling. The movie is bloody and resolute. The most important fact that has been depicted in the movie is that wars are not won by weapons but it’s the soldiers behind it. The movie has taken up the harsh truth and real meaning of war.

The movie plot is based on period of World War II. The movie begins with an attack of Normandy which is now called as D Day. Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) is the leader of the troops taking against the Germans and he guides them to the beaches of Normandy. After taking the beach, they came to known about the Private James Ryan. James along with his four brothers was spotted battling in World War II. 

The United States Headquarters came to known that James is the only siblings, while all of James's brothers have been killed. Thinking that their mother will receive this bad news and to give some sort of comfort, the Military ask Captain Miller along with his troops to find out Private Ryan and inform him about what had happened and take him home.

The cast looks awesome as a group of soldiers that have been tasked with finding Private Ryan. The battle sequences have been done impressively and the level of cinematography makes this movie a true war movie. Tom Hanks in the character commander has played an outstanding role. The direction has been also great and Steven Spielberg bagged the Best Directing Oscar for this film. Apart from this, in the other four categories also it won the award.

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