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Lady Bird

Comedy, Drama

Lady bird is a film with a feminist background.

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Feb 14, 2018, 6:30:00 PM

Lady Bird Movie Review:

Lady Bird is the independent film that have dethrone “La la land”. The film by Greta Gerwig has broken records at Rotten Tomatoes and, on its first weekend, has shown a better average collection per screen than the musical starring Ryan Gosling. 

A youth drama simmered with a touch of comedy and planted in a hipster bowl, this independent film of the year has surpassed two records in just a few days: on the one hand, it has obtained more positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes than Toy Story 3, and on the other hand it has become the independent film with the best box office average in its first weekend. 

Ladybird is a film with a feminist background about a teenage girl who takes the step to adult life, something that cinema had tried but always from a perspective in which romance was the main point. Here there is a girl who aspires to reach her goals through her powerful personality and where romantic love plays an important but not fundamental weight. 

Lady Bird McPherson is a young rebel who studies at a Catholic high school in Sacramento while dreaming of going to college in New York. Like any teenager, she lives within a world of contradictions: a marked and striking personality surrounded by insecurities and fears that hides under screams and tears. 

All this is punctuated by an eclectic soundtrack, which goes from Hand In My Pocket by Alanis Morrisette to Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake or Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band. This all reasons have led the movie to add four nominations in the Independent Spirit Awards, including best film and script, and it already sounds in some pools for the Oscars. 

And all the above through an excellent address, great script, and great actors. Beyond the adolescent theme, the film Lady Bird reminds us that freedom is not always a barrier imposed by others, but that, in the end, true freedom begins with us.

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