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300 Rise of an Empire

Action, Drama

An Epic action movie based on battle Artemisium and Battle of Salamis.

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Mar 6, 2014, 6:30:00 PM

300 Rise of an Empire Movie Review:

The reaction received for the movie is the mixed one. A large part of them says it’s not worth watching while some have liked it for the characters in the movie. The plot of the movie is average and is has not meet the previous one. The visual effects have been great and action sequences are also meeting the level.

The plot of the movie is that the Persian Army victory after over Leonidas' 300, marches towards the major Greek city-states under the command of Xerxes. He thinks by uniting all of Greece, he can stand any chance of keeping away the Persian invasion. Even though he completes his mission, on that situation also Themistocles will come across Artemisia (Eva Green) who is cruel leader of the Persian armada. Still Xerxes gains supremacy over sea and land.

On production note, although the budget of the movie is high but the effects are not seen as per that. While watching the movie it seems that it is a TV show.

The characters form the most interesting part of the movie. Xerses and Artemisia both are good on their part. The actors are just going through the motions. The lead one also does not seems to be rightly casted. Eva Green the only one that needs to be highlighted as she was amazing in her part. Her presence in the movie was worth to mention.

The direction also seems to be clueless. The direction should have tried to pull it up, but the same was not seen up to the mark.

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