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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

With the rate ability to enter into the dream of people & steal their secrets with a subconscious mind, the movie is a brilliant crime thriller.

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Jul 15, 2010, 6:30:00 PM

Inception Movie Review:

The movie starts with the character Dom Cobb who is an excellent and skilled “Dream’s extractor” and can steal important information from it. A businessman hires this dream catcher for planting an idea into the mind of competitor.

Then the game begins, with hiring of a team which requires the creation of 3 dreams within dreams but unfortunately the job turns out to be far more dangerous than expected. At the same time Cobb’s wife, who is died now, creating the havoc in Cobb’s dream.

Inception can be said as the intense, imaginative, coherent & entraining. The movie is a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs.

Inception really captures the unique idea of what a sci-fi movie should be with the content that only a few movies can deliver. Excellent presentation & best cinematography makes it fantastic throughout the run time. The movie inception is highly recommended for those who love watching time travel, sci-fi, logical movies.

With a star stud casting & brilliant intricacy, the inception is both smart & exciting at a glance. It only demands your attention so that you will not miss any rewards from it. You can count this movie among the set of original films. Although, inception is a strong movie that shows the mastermind of time juggling but at few moments it lacks the emotional connections among the characters of the movie but still it is an intelligent movie with remarkable clarity, deep thinking, smart, multi-layered and absolutely marvellous content. At the end, you have to be prepared about what your values are for the movie & engage in critical thinking environment.

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