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Action, Thriller

The pride & joy of the movie is a 12-minute long single shot war scene.

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Apr 23, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Extraction Movie Review:

A one-man army Tyler Rake (A leading character in this movie) is black market mercenary with fearless intentions and he has nothing left to lose. He uses his skills to rescue the kidnapped son of an international crime boss. But with his surrounding environment of underworld with dealers of weapons drug traffickers, the deadly mission to rescue a boy seems impossible. At the same time, Saju has been assigned a task to bring back the boy from Dhaka without any harm.

A Netflix original, extraction is action-packed movie and it is more interesting to watch it when the characters in this movie slow down to catch their breath & exchange the few words. Chris Hemsworth has gone far from his image of Thor with the hammer and went dirty with PUBG style war zone.

What Extraction can deliver you rather than being stylish, large mounted action with lots of graphical content? Instead it gives you explosive action at almost neck-breaking speed ranges from car chases & handguns to one-on-one hand combats & gaming zone style warfare.

Soon, the kidnapped son of an intentional underworld boss, starts developing a strong connection with Tyler, then Ovi in turn pushes Tyler Rake to forgive himself about the past trauma.

The done shots over the city Dhaka show a city as restricted as Tyler’s head with the blue skies as crimson as constant blood flowing through his wounds. On a heavy note, the extraction is globally a pool of aesthetics, faces & wounds but as you progress through the movie you will be able to eventually dissolve into the thin air cloud of better representation which comes in all ways.

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