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Action, Drama, Thriller

Movie Greenland is a brave take on a life-altering & destructive events with slow-burning & mature content.

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Aug 6, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Greenland Movie Review:

Movie opens up with John Garrity who is living with his estranged wife & his younger son, they all together going for a journey to find sanctuary as the earth killing comet is approaching towards our planet. When the countdown to the destruction of global apocalypse reaches zero, everybody is desperate enough to find the safest place.

The realistic showcasing of ups & downs of humanity’s quick reaction to a certain death is what this movie is actually providing to its audience. Brilliant scenes of looting, senseless violence and panic all are depicted marvellously as one is following Garrity & his entire family as they eagerly wants to make their way to the military airbase.

When the scientists discovered that suddenly a giant comet is marching towards our planet & it will be destroyed in coming 48 hours, John Garrity (one of the leading character of this movie) does every possible way to get his wife together with his son on the comfort zone of bunkers in Greenland.

They are making some impossible decisions for the survival but at the same time, few scenes are depicting the best & the most humane side of humanity. Greenland will leave its audience emotionally heavy yet cinematically satisfied.

It is a tension-filled disaster movie that highlights the noble as well as dark sides of the human race, while everybody knows that the end is now decided.

With some spectacular graphics & ultra-high emotions with great narration, you will never get bored at a single point of time in this movie. All these experience is framed brilliantly by one family and their experience should be notified by the audience on a big screen.

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