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The Old Guard

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

You can experience the beast mode of Charlize Theron in this complete entertaining package.

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Sep 9, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

The Old Guard Movie Review:

Movie ‘The Old Guard’ is a compelling story about a bunch of immortals who are busy in saving the innocents down the centuries, who in-turn works on the smaller screen because of its different features like giving its characters, gasp, can’t die, who, quieter moments etc. while they are allowed to distribute their inner lives with all of us.

It is not only about the female helmers who can turn out the superhero actioner layered by not only with latex, but also by the conversation. Apart from that, watching how prince-Blythewood uses the high-octane superior action alongside talky sequences is a great way to experience the sheer power.

In this movie, women are finally invited in this all-male oriented table maybe because of ‘Theron’ has now produced some credits on the movie.

Theron, as magnificent as Furiosa of the movie ‘Mad Max Fury’ is somewhat similar in the avenging mode. Here, she goes on by no-nonsense name-‘Andy’ in actual her real name is monicker.

One important reason why ‘The Old Guard’ is slightly different from other superhero movies is that ‘the old guard’ perfectly adds a dollop of queerness to proceedings.

The two main ‘immortals’ are Joe & Nicky who met with each other at the time of Crusades & they are together since. Joe & Nicky are jokey & tenders with each other with better meaning of it. The third one Booker is actually a member of a superhero group who looks similar to a professor, loves to use his brain as much as brawn.

There are few lax moments too with a little bit of portentousness in its dialogues but in the path of superheroes flicks you may experience lots of guns rattling, wham-bam, bodies piling up etc. to keep the momentum nice & sweet.

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