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Beauty and the Beast

Family, Fantasy, Musical

Movie depicts the sublime beauty of a forgotten world.

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Feb 22, 2017, 6:30:00 PM

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review:

Movie ‘BEAUTY AND THE BEAST’ opens up with the story in which a careless, greedy and party-loving French prince refuses to deliver a needful help to an old woman who was seeking shelter so, that old lady fascinates into an enchantress & then places a curse upon him. Later on, this curse turns French prince into an ugly beast & together with this all castle attendants turns out to be the household items until the prince can have someone to love him despite the looks.

Years after, a loving, beautiful girl came in the castle with the wish to possibly help Maurice but something more is waiting for her.

The supporting characters of the movie ‘Beauty and the beast’ are as much important as its central characters and director also doesn’t disappoint the audience in executing the story with those characters very well. With funny comic elements in between the movie are hilarious and at the same time the couple duo Lumiere & Cogsworth are very interesting with their comic timing.

Thompson is looking so comforting together with Mrs Potss who is lovable with her boy chip. Then it comes to the Evans who is another leading character of this movie, full of himself & cant able to determine why belle won’t agree to be a wife of him. Background score of this movie is pretty much clear with beautiful original content in songs that are rendered with the right sort of spectacle.

Beauty and the Beast has the ability to take you to the journey of emotions & long-lasting feelings. With the set of beautiful designs & gorgeous costumes adds attractiveness to this movie.

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