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Jerry Maguire

Comedy, Drama, Romance

If you are a true fan of Tom Cruise & wants to see him in an inspirational power-packed performance then this is it.

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Dec 12, 1996, 6:30:00 PM

Jerry Maguire Movie Review:

JERRY MAGUIRE (Aka Tom Cruise) is a sports agent and for him money and fame is all that matters and & he also lives for the same that is, helping out the professional sports athletes that he presents in getting rich & attaining fame. But soon after that, on one day he has visited a football player who was suffering from lot of difficulties & recently just suffered his 4th concussion, at the same time his family is sick & worried.

Jerry then decided to make an idealistic memo or some kind of mission statement in which he urges his colleagues to show some emotional concern about the people you love instead of making just profits. When he has distributed this at the industry convention, his boss fires him up for being soft hearted.

Jerry starts all over again as an independent agent with only single mother and in this whole process he learns about the aspects of life, discovers himself & most important discovers the loyalty with an aim to value people rather than money in his life.

Director & his cast created several scenes that have become well known to the audience & spoofed often. Especially a line "show me the money" that were exchanged between Gooding & cruise was truly fantastic & memorable. Tom cruise has shown a right balance between the satisfying chick flick & new age sports cinema.

It is a feel-good picture with Jerry being funny & touching both. Cuba Gooding Jr. has successfully played the hilarious role of sole client of Jerry with fully compassion & depth in the character of a football player. The friendship between both of them is believable & humours.

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