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The Boss Baby

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

The funny story of 7-year boy; how his life turns, when his parents bring a baby boy home.

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Mar 30, 2017, 6:30:00 PM

The Boss Baby Movie Review:

The animated movies especially of babies’ kind are really adorable. The Boss Baby is also one of them that carry a message and is all about family dominating. This movie depicts what happened when the second child is born in the family and the parents start getting centred and paying more attention to the younger sibling than the elder one. But the movie delivers a message that love that was given to elder is also given equally to sibling.

The plot of the movie starts with an artistic young lad called Timothy Templeton who was having a perfect life with two caring hipster parents who sing songs to get him to sleep. It was all good and three was a perfect number for him. But his life changes and falls apart when his little brother comes into the picture called the “boss baby”. This little one steals all the affection coming from parents, away from Timothy.

The animated picture of the boss baby looks funny; he does not look like a proper baby. He behaves like a management consultant and carries a briefcase. The concept that he has been sent on a mission by Baby Corps is really hilarious. Screenwriter Michael McCullers has successfully portrayed Frazee's novel into a feature film that is worth watching. The Director of the movie Tom McGrath has made his best efforts to make the film a creative one with all colours and pleasant scenes.

The voices behind the characters are casted well and they have delivered great performance. The film is not only a kid’s friendly but the parents can also enjoy the nostalgic moments from the little kid’s world. "The Boss Baby" is a complete entertaining animated movie.

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