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Payal Rajput's New Experiment-Wearing A Newspaper Dress

She Expresses Her Creativity By Making A Homemade Dress From Newspaper

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April 25, 2020
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Payal Rajput has created a homemade dress that she made from a newspaper and wore it. Before this, she gained fame for accepting the pillow challenge in which she was seen wearing a dress made of the pillow cover. The new photo in a newspaper dress has gained a lot of attention from fans and her followers on social media. Her picture in this dress has gone viral and is currently trending.

Fans are appreciating the creative talent and idea of Payal Rajput for making this dress. A lot of people and social media users have commented on the photo expressing their admiration and adoration although it is beyond imagination how a newspaper dress could be stylish as it is an impractical idea. Payal is seen in a top and skirt made of a newspaper that is joined by a belt in the center part.

People have posted memes on this dress some of them being negative and insulting. Users have even joked of tearing the dress. Some have expressed humor in the photo. The picture of this newspaper dress has been trending in social media and has gone viral. Fans and users have also posted positive comments praising Payal's creativity and fashion sense. She posted her photo in this dress and added a comment asking viewers how they liked her new dress.

The dress looks stylish and a novel idea although the idea of a newspaper dress has been tried earlier and seems to a copied one though slightly differently. Users have posted a meme in which the actors in the Telugu movie Aha Naa-Pellanta were seen making a lungi dress from newspapers. The characters in this movie who wore the newspaper lungi dress were the miser Lakshmipathy played by Kota Srinivasa Rao and rich kid Krishnamurthy played by Rajendra Prasad used their fashion sense to make newspaper lungi in this movie. Payal Rajput's idea seems to remind people of the lungi dress from the film. 

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