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Exciting News Of Chiranjeevi To Appear In Web Series

Chiranjeevi's Daughter To Launch Him In The Digital Space

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April 25, 2020
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Fans who love the South Indian movie star Chiranjeevi have great news that might cheer them and make them happy. Our favourite Chiranjeevi will be appearing in web series in the coming times. The actor has acted in many South Indian movies including Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada films. He has also acted in some Hindi movies. Web series are movies that are launched in the digital space instead of theatres and the megastar is excited with the decision he taken to venture in the online medium.  

During a talk with the media, the star has said that he will be a part of the web series and start the project once the lockdown due to coronavirus is over. He revealed his interest in digital media and said that he was considering various options. Chiranjeevi's daughter will be making the web series. The actor seems to be very excited about this option.

Right now, Chiranjeevi is spreading awareness about the coronavirus outbreak among people and helping them overcome this time of crisis. He is playing an active role in coronavirus relief by making donations through a charity. The star wants to help poor people so he is donating money and making the public aware of the infection that has locked up the world inside their homes.

The OTT platforms, also called the Over The Top platforms in which movies are launched digitally has become popular with people spending time in their homes and remaining indoors most of the time. This has given actors a chance to act in movies that are seen by people in digital space on streaming apps and the internet. Chiranjeevi too will be venturing into the online space and the fans will be seeing him in web series.

Other actors like Samantha and Naga Chaitanya are also starting their acting journey in the web series soon by appearing in movies that will be launched in OTT media. Chiranjeevi is happy to begin a new journey in the online media and launch his movies on the internet.

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