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The south diva clicks - Raashi Khanna clicks

Raashi seen in her closeup looks.

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November 13, 2020
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Raashi has been a prominent face in Telugu industry and Tamil industry. She also made her debut in Hindi films with Madras cafe. She is beautiful and talented. She is a young girl from Delhi who came in the south Indian industry. In 2013 she started her path towards acting and now with time she is listed in super talented actresses. Today we are gonna take a glance into the lady's Instagram and explore her amazing pictures. 

1. The pink barbie doll

Dressed up in one shoulder pink dress this beautiful girl is making things go beautiful. Young, beautiful and energetic. She is a power lady who is looking charming like a princess. 

2. The pet lover

The most pure souls on the land are animal lovers the kindness and the love you show to them defines your personality indeed. Raashi is spotted showing all her love and care to this beautiful little pet. 

3. The desi touch

Sarees make every girl beautiful and she is looking beautiful and perfect in her desi avatar. She paired up the saree and her jewellery right which is giving good traditional look. 

4. Red beauty

She is fun and beautiful. She is seen enjoying her look dancing around and in her happy place. No matter how big you grow the child in your heart is always alive. 

5. The calm white

Sometimes, you just wanna stay in your space. The actress is seen enjoying her personal calm space in this click. So peaceful and elegant it defines. 

6. The sip in coffee

The actress is seen enjoying a little coffee break and made it a joy for her fans to watch her during these small breaks that she takes from a busy day. 

7. The colourful vibe

This colourful picture of hers is creating a vibe, she is making the heat go high and the outdoor vibe suits it perfectly. This vibrant picture of her is making it look glamourous. 

8. The formal look

Dressed in perfect formal which has a red bold skirt is making this diva look beautiful. She has chosen the right balance of colours in her outfit and the heels are making outfit complete. 

9. The strip fashion

Rashi is seen enjoying her fun time at her shot, she is wearing a crop strip top and giving cute adorable poses. 

10. The winter vibe

Winters are everyone's favourite times, she quoted this image with YUGEN Noun (Japanese). A profound awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words. This shows how peaceful she is in her own vibe of winters. 

These are some amazing moments of the star's life, enjoying her time and journey. 

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