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Sanjay Mishra
06 October 1963
Actor, Director


Be it a serious role or taking the audience roll out of laughter, Sanjay Mishra has made every character perfect to look. His existence in the film industry has been for about more than 20 years now. Sanjay Mishra says that he works for as many films as he can because Sanjay Mishra feels the small films are a rehearsal to him for which he is getting paid. There is also a film that he knew would not get realized, but still, he worked on them. Sanjay Mishra has a unique way of dealing with his acting life.

Early Life

Sanjay Mishra belongs to a typical middle-class family of government servants. His father worked in the information, and broadcasting ministry, and his grandfather was a district magistrate. From belonging to such a family, it was hard for Sanjay Mishra to make his way into an acting career. However, his father was very supportive and always pushed him to move toward excellence. In 1991 he came from Banaras to Mumbai with the hope of becoming an actor.  During his struggle time, it was tough for him to survive in Mumbai. In 1991 he got on a small screen with Chanakya. His walk to his goals started.

Acting Career

Sanjay Mishra started his career with   Chanakya a tv show, but that did not work out to be so popular,   but Sanjay Mishra became famous when his Mishra’s Apple Singh commercials for ESPN Star Sports during the world cup came. This commercial got very famous, and people started loving his desi acting.  After this Sanjay Mishra was given a chance to be a part of the renowned sitcom office office. This show was, and the performance of Sanjay Mishra was also loved. There was also a time after his father's death when he stopped acting and went to Rishikesh and started working in a Dhaba.  After which Rohit Shetty got him back by signing him for all the best. Sanjay Mishra's life was not easy, it's a story on its own. After struggling so much, he still had the zeal to make his audience laugh.


Ankhon Dekhi was Sanjay Mishra's biggest hit movie. It won many hearts, and after the response to the film, Sanjay Mishra also cried. This movie was close to his past life.  All the best was a speed breaker to him as it was right after his father's death and it was tough for him to act in it, but with the support of Rohit Shetty, he was able to do it. The list of movies he has done is a little long, and his appearance is enough to make the public laugh.  He has also won many awards out of which Filmfare best actor (citric) is one.  Sanjay Mishra has not only won the hearts of people by his acting but also as a person he is loved. Throughout his acting career, Sanjay Mishra has always made sure that he could learn to travel and make his acting time worth it. 

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