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Jeremy Renner
07 January 1971


Jeremy Renner was born on 7th January 1971 in America. He is an actor in the Hollywood film industry and is known for his roles played mostly in Independent films. This type of movie is known because it’s not produced within a major film studio to distinguish the content and the style. Jeremy Renner`s work includes Neo Ned and “Dhamer” as an example of independent movies. He is also seen in supporting roles in bigger-budget movies. The actor was nominated in many awards for his outstanding performance in the movies. He got married to a model from Canada named Sonni Pacheco on 13th January 2014. His daughter named Ava Berlin was born in March 2013 and was under shared custody with his wife as the couple filed for divorce by December 2014. He also has a partnership business of house renovation with his best friend Kristoffer Winters. Apart from acting he also practised Filipino martial arts in Arnis and Muay Thai to prepare for his roles in “Mission Impossible” and “Avengers”.

Early Life

Jeremy Renner was born in Modesto, California in the US. His father was Lee Renner and his mother Valerie Cearley. His father managed the Modesto bowling alley in the 1980s known as the Mc Henry Bowl. The actor's parents got married during their teenage and eventually got divorced when he was 10 years old. Jeremy Renner completed his graduation from Fred C. Beyer High School in 1989 from Modesto, California. While studying Computer Science and Criminology at Modesto Junior College, he picked up drama class as an elective which gradually motivated him to pursue his career in acting.

Acting Career

Jeremy Renner started his acting career with his debut performance in a comedy named “National Lampoon's Senior Trip” in 1995 where he played the role of an underachieving student. This acting break opened his doors to the television industry. Jeremy acted in a small role in a television film named “A Friend's Betrayal” where he played the role of the friend of Paul Hewitt. This led him to act in small guest roles in many television series and also as a makeup artist to meet his ends.

Jeremy Renner`s film industry career started in 2002 when he played the character of a serial killer in a movie which led him to get nominated for Independent Spirit Award for Best Lead Male. He got to play a variety of roles like the partner police with Colin Farrell in a crime thriller movie directed by Clark Johnson in 2003, a drama directed by Asia Argento in 2004, etc. Jeremy Renner was also seen in a music video by Pink in 2003 named Trouble where he played the bad sheriff. In 2005 Jeremy starred in an Icelandic-American noir-inspired thriller movie with Julia Stiles and Forest Whitaker. He made his way to his next movie which won all the awards for which it was nominated, where he played the character of an aggressive neo-Nazi admitted to a psychiatric hospital.


In 2009 Jeremy played the character of a bomb disposal expert by the character name Sergeant Williams James in a thriller based on the Iraq war, directed by Kathryn Bigelow which fetched him a huge success. He won the award for Best Actor category for this role and also got nominated for his career`s first Academy Award for Best Actor and Screen Actors Guild Award.

In 2010 Jeremy acted in Ben Affleck`s crime thriller “The Town” in a supporting role which earned him great reviews along with his first Golden Globe nomination in a supporting role and second-time nomination for Screen Actors Guild. In 2011 he acted in the Marvel films comic “Thor” as Hawkeye before the release of the “Avengers” movie in 2012. In 2013 he worked in an action horror film in a lead role where he hunted witches with his co-actor Gemma Arterton with the famous character names Hansel and Gretel. In 2014 he acted as a journalist named Gary Webb in the Focus Features LLC production company`s film which depicted the book Dark Allied written by Gary Webb in 1998. The year 2015 brought some good projects to his career which includes two sequel series of the American fiction superhero film of Marvel comics, the Mission Impossible franchise`s action spy film by Christopher McQuarrie and a science fiction film opposite Amy Adams. In 2016 Jeremy produced a movie himself with the star cast of Michael Keaton playing the role of Raymond Albert Ray Kroc, who led McDonald’s expansion. Jeremy appeared in the Marvel series in the following years along with his hands in music.

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