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Emraan Hashmi
24 March 1979


Emraan Hashmi is one star who has his different stages in every point of his career from the start where he had flops coming to giving the most hit movies. This man has created a different space in Bollywood. Emraan Hashmi is known for its perfect intimacy on screen. He has his family relations with Bhatt. He also wrote a book kiss of life which is based on the battle that he and his son were facing during his son's cancer treatment. There is a lot about this actor which can make you like him more. Emraan Hashmi and his son Ayaan Hashmi are the perfect blends of son and father love.

Early life

 Emraan was born on 24th March in the year 1979 in Mumbai, India. Born to Syed Anwar and Maherrah Hashmi. His father acted in Baharon ki Manzil in 1968 and his ancestors moved from Pakistan during the partition. He holds a great celebrity background right from his grandmother Meherbano Mohammad Ali (known by her screen name Purnima). His uncles are Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt who are among the most popular producers in Bollywood. Emraan did his graduation from Jamnabai in Mumbai. He got his bachelor's degree from Mumbai University. Hashmi married Parveen Shahani in 2006 and is blessed with a son.

Acting career

Before being an actor,  Emraan Hashmi worked as assistant director in 2002 for the film Raaz, where he learned the techniques of sharp acting later he did his first film Footpath. He has done 45-50 films till date, out of which it has been an up and down career. Though being from a Bollywood background, Emraan Hashmi had to struggle a little in the industry. The "Murder" movie was his first financial hit movie where huge blockbuster profits were made. Emraan Hashmi did not go to any professional school of acting, he learned the art of acting by getting trained at home. In the course of giving major hits in his career, Hashmi also received a lot of negative comments like in Vikram Bhatt's supernatural horror Raaz 3d, with Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta. Though it was a  success at the box office, the film and  Emraan Hashmi's performance received mostly negative reviews; critic Kunal Guha commented: " Emraan Hashmi takes his role as seriously as he could but his efforts couldn't exorcize the devilishly terrible plot from spelling doom for this film”. But these negative comments never affected the growth of the star and he keeps giving his best.


Emraan Hashmi started his acting career in the year 2003 with Vikram Bhatt's movie footpath, later the best movies took his way like murder where he was popularly known for kissing scenes. Till 2008 he was only getting famous for his intimacy role, but as soon as he did Jannat movie in 2008 his career coin flipped like the story of the film. Emraan Hashmi's acting skills were now popular between the industry and everyone started praising him for his role.  Then he also presented his best role in films like the dirty picture, Dil tho Baccha Hai Ji, and Once upon a time in Mumbai. which were a few of the most popular films he did the biopic of Azhar that was done by Emraan Hashmi also led to being a big hit on the silver screen, roles have made him really popular. Emraan Hashmi has three Filmfare awards till date in his acting career.

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