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Pushpa: The Rise

Action, Adventure

A rustic masala movie filled with hard punch dialogues, amazing characters and a story that is rooted deep inside the Jungles of Sandalwoods.

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Dec 16, 2021, 6:30:00 PM

Pushpa: The Rise Movie Review:

Pushpa Raj is the leading character in this movie playing the role of coolie under Seshachalam who mainly chops down the red sandalwood illegally & later on-sell it to the powerful people around. Behind this, a syndicate is running that consists of numerous players, and he slowly learns to tactically find his footing as well as rise in the ranks until the man who was once chopping down the trees suddenly comes in a position to give the orders. The movie Pushpa: the rise is mainly backed by the story that is often explored in the Hindi cinema: with rise of the underdog. However, this is nothing new, but what is brilliant and attractive here is the way and in which style he chooses to literally expand the story as well as the time spent on setting-up the leading character of this entire movie.

The movie did fairly well by sticking to the plot of the story at hand & focuses entirely on nitty-gritty of the red sanders smuggling, with Pushpa’s contribution to easily smoothening things out.

Comes to the VFX, art direction, sound designing as well as editing part certain scenes may look exaggerating but you can’t deny the fact that it is really hard to rush away from the casting, direction, cinematography, music and costumes that make it clearly wonderful. The background music blends attractively well into the whole story with the perfect groove for the movie. The movie’s supporting cast also got a chance to stand tall, despite being pigeon-holed into the characters sometimes.

With all the things to cater in mind, the movie Pushpa: The Rise is absolutely leading character’s show all the time. He shines pretty well in this rustic character and at the time when he hustles for the real power.

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