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Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Suspense and thriller story that narrates four stories of people.

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Nov 23, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Andhaghaaram Movie Review:

The meaning of the word Andhaghaaram depicts darkness and surely the movie has a lot of dark shades that of darkness that goes on even darker as the movie goes on.

This Vignarajan’s film has many undisclosed stories that have multidimensional angles. With every narration, it takes up the secrets and he promises to reveal the same in a marvellous way. The stories are put in such a way that as you get engrossed in them you cannot even imagine what shall be happening next. Slowly you will travel the secret boat as the movie continues to sail.

The plot of the story goes with Vinod (Arjun Das) who a disheartened cricketer is managing his life by giving coaching to the kids. But his life turns out to be hell when he starts getting calls from an unknown person, who has some of the dark secrets of life. He decides to contact a psychiatrist, Dr Indran (Kumar Natarajan) when his girlfriend Manasi (Meesha Ghoshal) insisted to do so. 

The psychiatrist is also the one who is eager to get back to his normal life after recovering from a coma. The other character is Selvam (Vinoth Kishan) who is a visually-challenged person employed in Government library, but the circumstances were such that he was trapped an implacable spirit in that building.

No doubt the movie in no way seems to be the debut movie of the director and the way he has taken up the four different stories in a streamline way is just awesome. Every role is being played by the actors in a proper and justifiable manner. Each of the scenes will make you feel like this is real and so it has successfully forced the viewers to be seated till the end of the movie. 

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