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The Vow

Drama, Romance

Every composition & cut in this movie is made with the calculated effect and it is readily evident.

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Mar 8, 2012, 6:30:00 PM

The Vow Movie Review:

Anyone who has previously seen the work of screenwriters Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein will definitely know that how this newly launched movie ‘The Vow’ is going to be. At the same time the fans that were already hooked up to the movies like ‘He's Just Not That into You’, ‘Valentine's Day’ & ‘Never Been Kissed’ may likely fall for the story of “the Vow”.

Movie 'The vow’ has the benefit of being a true story, but movie’s melodramatic part is just much more than what it resembles to be a soapy tearjerkers in the mid-'30s & '40s where incredibly extreme predicaments may actually prevent lovebirds from being together. This is a heart-tuggers movie that has some special appeal to the people of that every age.

With correct casting & better direction in the opening scene of the movie, both the lovebirds Paige (McAdams) & Leo (Tatum) suddenly emerges from the beautiful Chicago cinema ‘the Music Box’ on a very beautiful snowy night and then they rushed in their car & promptly rammed by a truck from behind, suddenly sending Paige flying via windshield in slow motion.

Cut to the 4 years earlier & to the beginning of Paige-Leo love story that is absolutely cute, but times flies & back in the present, a conflict occurs at the hospital in the form of Paige's long-absent parents who are trying to utilize the excuse of memory loss of their daughter in recent time as she is not aware about the fact who Leo is, and together they are trying to take away from Paige from husband to bring her back to the Lake Forest nest.

The key here is for Leo to make his wife fall in love with him once again with fun things like asking her for the first date & accompanies her back to the old haunt, the Cafe Mnemonic.

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