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Drama, Romance

Movie ‘after’ may attract female audience strongly but somewhere struggles to get the right audience.

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Apr 10, 2019, 6:30:00 PM

After Movie Review:

Movie takes a head start with the gorgeous Tessa Young is now leaving for her college but her mother is struggling hard to let her go. Tessa had a boyfriend since her childhood but now when she is in her teenage years, she meets with a handsome hunk Hardin Scott.

Movie ‘After’ is a college-based romance adapted from the bestselling novel of ‘Anna Todd’ that deals with sex at no hesitation. Despite having a lack of core nudity, many scenes are there that actually feels explicit very sexually like kissing, implied oral sex, loss of virginity and intimate touching.

Despite the intense attraction, a leading character of the movie ‘After’ didn’t rush for the sex immediately. All the scenes are consensual & beautifully executed with the inclusion of same-sex as well as opposite-sex kissing. In this movie, parents are being portrayed as adults who are struggling to overcome the flaws among themselves in terms of alcoholism & broken marriages.

Partying with friends in terms of taking alcohol & drugs is shown in this movie as a fact of regular college life. Infrequent swearing together with the use "s--t" most of the time can be seen. Teenager may picks up the positive texts about love & friendship, but at the same time, they may walk away with just superficial notions of college life & romance in particular.

Despite the predictable storyline & typical romance, the movie somehow manages to take a good leap thanks to the heartfelt performance of young age actor, Josephine Langford.

With Langford appearing in almost every other shot with the cameraman regularly taking close-up shots of her face, she is conveying a good mix of self-restraint & hunger for the all-new experience at great confidence & fragility.

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