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Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Who is feeding of whom?

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Jul 23, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Parasite Movie Review:

Parasite is an Oscar-nominated South Korean movie based on inequity and inequality. It is one of the best-reviewed movie of the year 2019. It is worth the hype.

Seventh feature of South Korean wunderkind Bong Joon-ho’s is also downloaded illegally, but it is best appreciated on the big screen. In parasite, the film depicts the events and surprising inequality that make the movie specific o director's country of origin and make it universal.

This 132 minutes film is full of comedy, emotions and angry critics. The story starts from the depths of a city in South Korea in a basement of an apartment. The hardcore Kim family sets up their plan of revolt in the basement. The targets of this family are the Parks who are the opponent of Kim's in every best possible way.

Ki-woo (Choi Woo-Shik) as a university graduate and gets a job to teach daughter of the Parks. His sister Ki-Jeong also joins as art therapist, father Ki-Taek joins as a driver, and mother Yeon-Gyo as Housekeeper. The Kims does not reveal their identity and represents themselves as being unrelated to each other. The Parks, luxurious mansion is full of luxurious furniture, well-maintained lawn, wall to wall bar and a well-organized kitchen depicts their luxurious life which their children do not notice.

The story goes in a smooth manner as Kim’s convinces Park’s easily and lives on their desire to be seen as millionaires. Bong introduces a sudden mood switch likewise in typical movies just when Kim's mastered their game being cunning and innocent. Kim's game gets disclosed from root and goes to the unforeseen places.

The dispute between the upstairs and the downstairs gets explored likewise in other movies. The layer that defines and separates the families creates contrasting tones for the warm-toned and cluttered Kim apartment and the wonderful Park residence. The entire cast has worked beautifully. 

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