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Outside the Wire

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

A story of a drone pilot who is on a mission to stop the nuclear attack.

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Jan 14, 2021, 6:30:00 PM

Outside the Wire Movie Review:

Outside the Wire is yet another movie from Netflix which is full of action pack movie. The movie says about a drone pilot who is going to a war zone and later he found that he is paired with a top-secret android officer. They have been teamed up for a mission to stop a nuclear attack and save the world. Most of the instances depicts it has bad script and there is absence of a good plot. 

Talking about the script, it can be mentioned that it is an average one and Mackie can be seen delivering some of good dialogues inside the movie, while the story has only a few good elements. The script could have been more interesting and engaging. Highlighting the action sequences, it is good and full-on action pack, but it could have been focused on core aspects rather than this. Although there are many action performance, but is actually cannot give an effect that a real war situation may have.

The only thing that gives a good impact is Anthony Mackie, being a good actor; his presence can be felt at the screen. Another main character in outside the wire is Harp that is played by Damson Idris but he failed to receive a considerable amount of attention from the audience.

Although the movie has some twist at the end, which was unexpected, but when overall it is looked, there are many aspects that are predictable to some extent. Those who love to see action and war movies will definitely get something to entertain, but those who are looking for a great story and script, they may be a little bit disappointed with  Outside the Wire.

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