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Wonder Women

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Wonder woman builds her story without hesitation.

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May 14, 2017, 6:30:00 PM

Wonder Women Movie Review:

Wonder Woman is un-doughtily the best film in the DC Universe to date. Loaded with action, nostalgia and good moments of humour - thanks to Chris Pine - the plot of Wonder Woman never wavers or loses focus and interest to the spectator. In Wonder Woman, Diana (Gal Gadot) is the warrior princess of an alien paradise island with no connection to the outside world. 

When the American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes on the seashore, he warn of an imminent danger that stalks the rest of the world. Diana will respond to the call of justice to accompany Trevor and thus end the great war, discovering her own destiny and knowing who she really is. 

The Wonder Woman represents the first film adaptation of the iconic character of Dc Comics, created in 1941. Director Patty Jenkins gives us a glimpse of Diana's growth and development since she's little on Themyscira, the island where only women live. 

Step by step we see how the personality of a special woman is forged that, according to the passage of time, understands the purest concepts of good, evil, revenge, ethics and morality but above all of them, justice. Thus, the woman builds her own story without hesitation, taking the time necessary to accentuate the ideological and thought bases of Diana in front of the world that is still unknown to her. 

Choosing Geoff Johns, famous and important comic responsible for the script of the film was another success of DC. The photography as well as the music of Wonder Woman perfectly close the identity that Jenkins devised for the film, maintaining the dark and sombre nuance. 

With so many impressionable scenes of action, struggle and conflict; at times the use of CGI was not so successful in its realization, although in its final composition it generates a worthy and acceptable product. Despite the doubts that had formed in the public when their participation was announced; Gal Gadot is the tip of the iceberg of the best DC film in the cinema so far.

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