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Mr. & Mrs.


The chemistry of husband and wife.

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Jan 13, 2018, 6:30:00 PM

Mr. & Mrs. Movie Review:

The series revolves around husband and wife named Sanju and Madhu Gupta. They are mostly seen fighting and having arguments, but despite that they care and love each other.  Small things about couple relationships is shown such as they are passionate about their new home interiors and show it to their friends. 

The series has some sweet little things like conflict with a laundry inspector, how a husband reacts when his wife’s ex comes in front of him, the efforts that a husband takes to make her wife happy and so many things.

The series is loaded with some of the fine actors who have been seen earlier also in some of the series. Nidhi Bisht has always been good at spontaneous delivery and she been seen perfect, exploring her talent and having good comic timing. The sequences have been good and it was worked well because of tuning with her co-Biswapati Sarkar. The energy level is perfectly balanced between them.

Taking on the writing part, it is purely natural, what happens with every husband and wife. At some instances it feels like the series is engaged in pleasing the sponsors as well. The episode of wife’s ex is the most hilarious and the episode of Whatsapp bahu depicts what every "aadarsh bahu" used to be in an Indian family. 

Some of the uncomfortable situation between family members are also been shown that seems to be very awkward. The visuals have been seen just for the sponsors and the music also does not go so well. Overall it can be said that it lacks creativity and not all the episodes can make you feel that yes it was awesome. 

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