The Timeliners Flames Web Series Review [4.5/5]


Comedy, Drama, Romance

Story of young romance and friendship.

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Jan 4, 2018, 6:30:00 PM

Flames Movie Review:

The Timeliners Flames is all about teenagers, their love, school life and their parents. The story is about a class topper called Rajat, the role of which is played by Ritvik Sahore who fall in love with Ishita, the role of which is played by Tanya Maniktala. She is new in the tuition centre and on the other side Rajat's BFFs, Pandey and Anusha's are moving from a relationship of friendship to love. 

This web series can make anyone remember his school life where everything is so innocent and pure. It takes to that times when spending time with the best buddies and love was possible through helping them on notes making and completing the homework.

The story is decent and innocent that reflects pure emotions and love. The series has amazing storyline and screenplay. The characters have given extremely good performance and are talented also. Specially to mention Tanya Manikatala as she has totally justified with the character and her work is outstanding.

The second season has maintained that charm of the previous season. Some of the facts that differ from the previous one are that the episodes of second season are longer. The issues that have been also mentioned in series are parenting, depression, the pressure of studies faced by the students etc. This time it was more concepts that touch maturity. However, the acting and the screenplay was natural.

Every character in the series such as Rajju, Ishita, Anusha, Pandu, Ishita's dad, Rajju's mom and Kaushal Sir are perfectly done. They have added a different flavour to the series. Love, friendship and parenting are all included in it that makes it different from any teenage series. Because of all these features, the series becomes a must watch for all. Teenagers can relate themselves from this series and others can remember their past days.

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