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Wonder Woman 1984

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

A story of women superhero who brings a new era of wonders.

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Dec 24, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review:

There are two things in this film which has been the focus of the Wonder less Wonder Woman 1984: The ‘80’s nostalgia and the Amazonian goddess that the film likely wanted to cash on. However, neither is explored to their full potential. Wonder Woman, among the few interesting icons, had the good luck to find someone who has as perfect as Gal Gadot for wearing the cuffs, only she could just save a largely soulless, fabulous, mind-blowing, and wonder less film...

Through follow up to 2017’s Wonder Woman, one can only say that Wonder Woman is one of the best DC Extended Universe (DCEU) films exist, leaves german trenches to land in Washington and World War 1 DC of 1984. Diana Prince assumed that her position at the Smithsonian has been spending her weekends, saving joggers in pink from getting run over local malls from getting robbed. Other than on the fashion field, there is very little influence in the 1980s had on WW84.

At work, Diana makes some friends with the clumsy, Dr Barbara Minerva, who played the role of Kirsten Wiig. Together, they chance upon ancient rock which make anyone’s wishes come true. But when in a premise has already established that Diana is a  goddess among everyone, the magical rock still look too stupid not to roll everyone’s eyes at. Diana, who is the one still not moved from the death of Chris Pine, wishes him to come back and wishes to be ‘strong, and cool’ like her friend.

WW loses some of her powers, so there can be suspense; she play Spiderman and holds two vehicles. Just something new and Gad Gadot again proves that she poses well and glamour model. She can't act. But Still - entertainment in a vacuum of some movies.

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