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The Social Dilemma

Documentary, Drama

Story about the impact of social media.

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Release Date:
Jan 25, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

The Social Dilemma Movie Review:

The Social dilemma is an American documentary film. The documentary is a story on everything that’s dark and desolate about social media. Jeff Orlowski has tried well to keep this hard-hitting drama light and easy. The 90-minute film has shown all the harmful effects of social media. It has been recently released on Netflix for the viewers.

The former employees of Facebook, Instagram, Google and Twitter have tried to show how much they are concerned about the world in this documentary and how social media is hampering the life of people and dividing the people. The documentary gets to a conclusion about how social media is badly affecting society and how society will come to an end due to social media.

Along with the ill effects of social media, it has also shown a story of a family whose teen is addicted to social media and unable to survive without it. Due to the use of social media, he becomes a part of the protest and gets arrested by the police. However, the story goes in the background and the story is highlighted on the employees of Silicon Valley.

Technically the movie is well made as they take topics in a series and finally come to their propaganda. The movie is very influential for those who are not well aware about the social media. In a nutshell, it is true that we all are very well known with the adverse effects of the online world but the movie makes it more intense. 

No doubt even after watching this movie everyone will get back to their smartphones and the online world full of social media. But if we stop the unwanted notifications and delete the unnecessary applications, then we would be able to look at the world through our naked eyes and not just believe what our smartphone’s screens display.

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