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365 Days

Drama, Romance

'365 days’ is the Polish version of ‘50 Shades of Grey’ and it is as exciting & problematic as you can imagine.

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Feb 6, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

365 Days Movie Review:

Massimo who is the leading character in this movie is a member of Sicilian Mafia family & on the other hand, Laura is just a sales director but she didn’t expected that on a day trip to the Sicily Massimo will going to kidnap her & give her a ‘365 days’ challenge to fall in love with Massimo and if she doesn’t falls in love with him then she is absolutely free to go.

But after a certain period of time, they fall in love with the confined christening of Massimo & Laura’s conjoined-privates in the four minutes of explicit scene on the yacht, till a sudden danger strikes.

At some point of time after the kidnapping of Laura & prolonged estrangement from Laura’s previous life, while she came back in Poland for getting her hair done then at that time she is getting a call about her promotion & that’s where a twist came. Here the concept is pretty much similar to the movie ‘50 Shades of Grey’ as both of these stories were taken from the erotic novels written by women. At the same time, both of these movies put a questionable take on the consent & female sexuality.

After the successful run at in Poland, the movie is now trending on the Netflix with top charts. ‘365 days’ is designed for the quest for sex, not for narration.

The character Massimo has done a great job and he wants to be known for respecting the consent but at the same time simultaneously destroying it and in his own terms a Good quality sex may forgive all the things.

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